We start as we mean to go on by worshipping Jesus. The garden of Eden was first and foremost an environment in which people could encounter God and that is what we’re all about. Following a time of sung worship we love to open God’s word (the Bible) because we believe that if we want to encounter Him we’ll find out how to do that by looking at the BIG stories of those who have gone before us.

During this time we’ll also be listening to each other’s BIG stories: the ways in which we have been part of the mission of God, to restore hope, peace, wholeness (what the Bible calls SHALOM, and what we see in the Garden of Eden) back to the world, and the ways in which we’ve known and seen that in our own lives as well.

And we wrap this time up with some more sung worship and space for ministry. We love to create space for God’s Spirit to meet with us and make this stuff a reality in our lives.

We have a whole building: two large halls and several smaller spaces where we will be hosting a cafe area, games, and spaces to hang out. This space is whatever you want it to be. Hang around, hang out, meet our team and get to know other young people from around the city. We were made to be in relationship with each other.

Doors close