6:30pm Doors open. We have a whole building: two large halls and several smaller spaces where we will be hosting a café area, games, spaces to hang out, and we’re even going to be putting on food such as burgers. This space is whatever you want it to be. Come in, hang out, meet our team and get to know other young people from around the city. We were made to be in relationship with each other.

7:30pm We’re all going to come together in the worship area for worship, teaching and ministry. This is all about encounter with God.

9pm We know that after meeting with God sometimes you just want to hang out and share with each other what’s been going on for you, so… we’re staying open until 10pm for you guys to hang out and chat with each other. The café space will be open, along with both halls. Our team will be on hand for you to chat with and who knows maybe we’ll even have some games and activities planned in one of the spaces that you can join in with if you like.

Pushing out the borders of Eden Something else we’re hugely excited about is having a team of people from various different organisations who are already pushing wide the borders of Eden and seeing God’s kingdom break in all around the city. Each month we’ll be interviewing some of them to find out what they do and how they do it. They’re here because they’d love for you to get involved with them in seeing people welcomed into the kingdom. So why not take the chance to go and chat with them during the open space time before and after the worship. If you find a group that are pushing back the borders in your area and you get involved with them then let us know. We’d love to get you up one month to share with all of us what you’ve seen God doing in your area.