Meet our team…

Matt Caddick
Youth Worker
First and foremost Matt is Emily’s boyfriend. He has just started as the full-time youth worker at his church where he also leads the worship team. After Emily (and his mum) the three most important girls in his life are his guitars: Aimee, Belle and Ellie.
Zoe Probert
Church Leader
Zoe is a born and bread Hartcliffe girl. She loves it there and has not only planted a church there but has also started a football team 'The Hartcliffe All Saints'. Zoe is married to Steff and her favourite colour is pink.
Emily Coles
Freelance Photographer
Emily has just moved back to Bristol from London where she kick started her freelance photography career. Over that time Emily learned more than ever that God is SO faithful and can be trusted in all things. Emily's choice of hot drink is Earl grey tea.
Steff Probert
Student Engagement Tutor
Steff is a proper welsh boy, from the far reaches of Swansea and so, sadly, he supports Swansea City football club, but there's grace enough for that. He came to Bristol studying youth and community work with theology and now works in a local south Bristol school.